The coloring book (Curious Little Things) and the prose and illustration worldbuilding book (Lilliputian Living)
Lilliputian Living sitting pretty before the bayou
Curious Little Things posing in front of a giant crawfish.

Tiny Bundle: Lilliputian Living & Curious Little Things


Buy both Curious Little Things and Lilliputian Living and save!

11.00in. × 8.50in. × 3.00in.

A whole lot of tiny in one place!

Bundle includes:

Lilliputian Living- The culmination of the first four volumes of Lilliputian Living, my yearly inked art challenge.  Every October, I spend 31 days envisioning what life might be like at 7" tall, sketching and inking as I go.  For every illustration there's a small worldbuilding prompt to inspire the imagination.  A great companion for my tabletop gaming friends looking for a new campaign, or a whimsical gift for people who love miniatures or just need a fresh perspective. 6"x9" 282 pages

Curious Little Things- A cottagecore coloring book of Lilliputians living their best lives!  Includes curated images from Volumes 1, 3, and 4 of Lilliputian Living, as well as images from Volume 5 and brand new images created just for the coloring book!  Works well with color pencil and alcohol marker, and for watercolor fans, there's a special download link with high-resolution scans so that you can print onto your preferred paper.  Paint along with me- there are over a dozen watercolor tutorials on my Youtube channel that correspond with the illustrations in this coloring book! 11"x8.5" 177 pages, 84 lineart illustrations.

It you'd like either or both books dedicated to someone, please let me know in the comments, I'm happy to sign and dedicate them!